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Yad Tomech operates a large network of volunteers that provide domestic help, as well as help with children, transportation services, bubbies for babies and more.
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Choose are of volunteering:

  • Transportation: Driving children to appointments and to/from play center (local driving)
  • Domestic Help:  help in peoples homes by doing light housework such as washing dishes, straightening up, folding laundry etc.
  • Bubbies for Babies:  Help new mommies learn the ropes, how to handle their new babies, or give veteran mommies a break by holding her baby.
  • Expert Buddy System:  Use your area of expertise to help another person in need:  feel free to check one of the following categories or add your own area.
Post partum depression, Shalom bayis issues, premature babies, bed rest, lactation experience, fertility issues and so much more.